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Hi there
I just got my new DX9 here in New Zealand and so far love it. What a great step up from the DX7. Not just in computing power but also in how it feels!

My challenge is:
I'm just finishing off my first gas plane and want to assign a certain switch to 'arm' the electrically powered ignition for the gas engine.
I kind of got it but the combination I got to work was on switch E is not how i think it should work..... When the switch E is on '0' it's armed (little unit is blinking, tacho is lighting up) but not on positions '1' or '2'.... How do I set it up that the ignition is armed when switch E is on '2'???

There would be extra points for the person who can tell me how to get the DX9 to say 'ignition' when the switch E is in position '2' ........ I know it can do it but the manual does not explain it properly (for me anyway).
Thanks for your help!!