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Like most everyone else stated, no problems getting it to adhere beautifully to clean, dust-free wood. I find it even sticks relatively well to fiberglass (such as when using wing center-line reinforcement tape). I find I have to use a SLIGHTLY higher temperature setting for the initial tack-down, than the directions suggest (but maybe that is just an inaccurate covering iron thermometer). I find that covering the wing, then leaving it alone for 24 - 48 hours is best . . . that is when most any of the bubbles that are going to surface will appear. I then go over it a final time to eliminate those air pockets/bubbles. Then you should be good to go with painting or any other work you wish to complete.


- If I am going to paint over this covering, I like to run thin CA at the seams and quickly wipe it up to permanently seal up the edges.
- I have found that when I make relief cuts to go around curved surfaces (such as around a wingtip) that sealing the overlapping layers of covering with CA has another unanticipated benefit: The overlapping layers become hard (similar to fiberglass and epoxy), and I am able to sand the overlapping layers relatively smooth, making a much less visible seam - largely hidden after paint. Just don't get too aggressive and sand through your bottom layer.

By far, my favorite covering material to use!

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