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Also, about cutting it to go around a compound curve, I have never had to, you can just turn the iron heat up a lot higher and keep the iron just over the top of the covering and pull it around any curve without leaving any wrinkles. I have also never had bubbles, it's a cloth weave and gas escapes it as it goes on.
I usually cover during the summer months and do something I call curing. After the covering is fully shrunk I take the plane out in the direct sun and heat and let it sit outside for over an hour. This will cause the covering to sag. I do this with plastic covering too. Then I take it back in the shop and shrink it again. I do this several times until it no longer sags. Then I can paint or add decals or do the trim work.
Winter this doesn't work so well, like at all. We only have a few months of cold weather so this works well for me.