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Default question on charger/ battery

Newbie.I know nothing about chargers or lipos for starts.But here's my problem.I purchased a SKYRC E3 2s,3s lipo balance charger, i also purchased a zippy compact 25c 2200 battery.So the first time i hooked up the battery to the charger the charger just kepted blinking all three red lights four times and stopped 1 second cycle, which the paper work on the charger says the voltage of a single cell is too high or too low, so i disconnected the battery and reconnected it to try it again.This time i the charger had all three led red lights steady which means the battery is charging, it took about and hour for it to charge got all three steady green lites.So i installed it into the plane and have been testing the setup for off and on for the last several days,well the battery got to the point where it wouldn't turn the motor but would run the servos, so i figured i would recharge the battery, well here's the problem, i hooked it up to the charger and all it would do is keep getting the three blinking red lites 4 times 1 second cycle, indicating the voltage in a single cell is to high or to low, the battery was connected to the charger for only maybe a minute at a time, the battery is puffed up some now, the battery never got hot nor even warm when using it the first and only time it worked, and never got hot or warm when on the charger.Both charger and battery were new.How do i know which one is bad the battery or the charger?Getting very discouraged with electrics, gas is so much easier.Need help any advice welcomed.