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Hello TonyBuilder or Gooday Mate !

I congratulate you on your excellent build of the Chipmunk , Nice job.
I have a black horse Chipmunk myself with a Moki 2.10 in it. Would I be eligible for the Chipmunk Brotherhood?

I have been reading your post number 250 dated 06-30-2014 on page 10 and it was nice to see that you mention of the agriculture conversion of the chipmunk that was done in Australia by Sasin - Aerostructures , the S A 29 Spraymaster.

I would like to let you know I was employed by Mike Sasin in my early days as an up
coming aircraft engineer and did a lot of work on the chipmunk conversion, manufacturing, refurbishment and overhaul of the airframe. The whole airframe internal and top deck was removed, fiberglass hopper 55 gallon/200 liters made and installed where the front seat was, new swing swing rudder pedals with toe brakes made and installed, rear seat redesigned with crash absorbing foam seat/back rest to prevent severe back injury in a crash, was raised 11" for better visibility over the nose.

Rollover truss, windscreen installed, new redesigned instrument panel and rear sliding canopy made, battery box installed behind engine firewall, dorsal fin and anti spin strakes made and installed, a new bulkhead made to mount the leaf spring scott tail wheel assembly.

Goodyear wheels and disc brakes fitted plus a lot of other mods done. In total three
SA-29 where built VH- SJD,VH-BCA,VH-GEB.

The first fuselage did not fly, was used as a tooling jig to make the components for the flying aircraft.

Mike Sasin did a lot of flight testing to satisfy the civil aviation Athority to get the aircraft approved and certified.
The colour schemes VH-SJD was red and white, VH-BCA, VH-GEB was blue and white.

This takes me back a lot of years as I am retired. I also keep in contact with old boss Mike Sasin.

The sad part about this was VH-SJD crashed beyond repair but the pilot survived some back injury he is ok, I keep in touch with him. ( run out of fuel on take off, tried to turn back to land ).

VH-BCA has been restored to a normal Chipmunk except for the tail wheel.

VH-GEB has been sold to USA and modified for aerobatics as N7DW.

Best regards,
Eddy P51

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