RCU Forums - View Single Post - Will the YS 60FR bolt in the same as an OS61SF for direct swap?
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Thanks for the investigation and photos Will!

Interesting find on the trimming of the lugs. When I was mock fitting another Aurora a few months back it was apparent that the Classic was wider than the Hanno, and also seem slightly wider than the original LS as well - that explains it.

On the Hyde mount: looks like the header clears with plenty of space, but slight interferes with the triangle support of the beams. That triangle web could be dremeled away but the rails will be even more flexy than they already are. Any concerns or loss of power you think? Would the .40-.80 one fit or do you need the 91-115? There's a 3.3oz difference in the weight of these two sizes so I'd like to go with the smaller if possible to save weight.