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Originally Posted by Huang View Post
The "filament like" imperfection is definitely there on both of my Classics. When I got my first Classic I thought I got a one off but then I checked my other YS LSs and it was there already. So definitely from the same mold and has been that way for (20+?) years. Not machining the Classic to square off is a very interesting find, wonder if this was intentional or an omission for the small batch production.
Hard to believe! You'd think a new mold might have been made over the years. Maybe it is very critical dimension wise as well as expensive so they figured why make a new one when the old one works. They must have said: who cares about our tarnished logo! Then again, we're talking about the Japanese here (perfectionists) so it's still surprising.

David, I'll check the width of the firewall, thanks for the reminder. That FRP mount looks great! Where could I acquire one? Do you think it's rigid enough?
Yes, not bad eh? I picked them up on eBay (did I just say that!? Wait, I can actually use those four letters on RCG, whew..., close). $4 for the small, $5 for the large. ProtonRC. Even the hardware looks decent. The H9 looks pretty much like the same thing and for $9 it certainly beats the OS mounts at, what?, $32 - yessir! If you want to wait until I get them, I can offer some impressions (although the friendly white giant, Winter, has set in so I won't be running engines any time soon). I picked up a pair each. How bad can they be... hopefully good!

It's kind of crazy and cool we could talk about engine mounting dimensions and mounts between OS/YS for 3 pages!
Errr... yes, something's gone awfully astray in our neuron banks.

I'm just waiting to hear back from SV on his custom aluminum mounts... Well, at least that's my excuse for loitering here.


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