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Originally Posted by raron455 View Post
I am not sure it is that simple on the price,,, I am trying to order the skymaster 1/6.75 f-16, It is said to be a great jet but has junk gear, so skymaster stopped selling them till the gear issue is resolved, (still not resolved) My plan is to buy the jet, upgraded fuel tanks, missiles, pipe, and cockpit, but not the gear. I will put a set of matrix gear in it and be good to go. This is the size jet I am really wanting, just waiting for him to give me a price. Trying to be patient,, trying
I see, In your situation Raron, yes, it is not typical as you are wanting to order an aircraft which is, as you stated, not being sold (If its not being sold, you probably will not be able to get a price) and also you would like to remove the landing gear from the package which will take communications with Skymaster.

I agree for your situation, it is not simple and could take time. Now, for the run of the mill order which is either an Xtreme arf package or the regular Skymaster or Skymaster pro, it is click, click and go.

You will need to continue to work with Dana on your specific order.

Big Fred,

Being that it is on the X-treme line, the price is for all Landing Gear, Air kit, Fuel Tanks, Tailpipe, Cylinders, Cockpit w/o Pilots & Hardware. The Airframe only part is a typo and we will correct that immediately! Thank you for catching that!


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