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Hey guys,
I just wanted to propagate this 'insanity' for a bit longer .
The Gator mount is not really suitable for .60 size engines: the mounting dimensions are 3 3/8" wide by 2 3/4" tall. The inside spacing between the beams is 1 7/8" which doesn't allow for much material for the engine mounting bolts to hang on to.
I also wanted to comment on the soft mount power loss 'myth'. There has been quite a lot written about the vibration and noise reduction benefits with some legitimate research to back it up. Almost nothing about power loss, probably because any that may occur is inconsequential to the airplane's performance. I have flown 2 of my own airplanes with and without soft mounts. No performance change was noted but a noticeable increase in noise without the soft mount.
Lastly, I checked out the Dave Brown (now Ohio R/C) soft mounts and discovered that they are all on sale. I suspect this means that when the existing stock is depleted there will not be any more produced. I believe this is also true for the Budd Engineering mounts.
Keep us posted on your progress with the Atlanta, Matt. Winter has definitely arrived for David and, unfortunately, for me too (I don't fly much when the temperature goes below 55F).