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I think us tankers are a bit more focused than the other groups. Tanking is a self contained hobby in itself. We tend not to stray as much as the others. If you notice we are pretty active too We also do a lot of mods and scratch builds while the others are just usually repairing or upgrading. When people see this section for the first time I bet they are surprised at the activity here.

As for the Clark board, it really isnt a bad option. It does support the Benidinni too, so that is a huge plus. The IBU2 is good, but I know of no one that has the board so I cannot comment. The specs look really good on it, but I think the reason it hasn't made much of an impact here is price and location. The El Mod board is quite nice as well if you can spare a pretty penny, it has a lot of nice features and even supports brushless motors too. I would contact Curtis over at Immortal Hobbies and have a talk with him. He is the Clark distributor for US/Canada and knows his stuff.

Oh and just out of curiosity, what quads do you fly? I just recently got done with a 330mm Multiwii powered quad running 4 cell lipo. My next build will probably be another so the gf and I can fpv race