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Originally Posted by CHIEFSONN View Post
Yes I Did Gary,WOW are they sweet. great job thank you & Ill get you the postage I owe to you. right now I am going to be trying the Clark board, (the TK 35 its a very small board) designed for 1/35 but was told it will work and preform well with my build. that i's my scratch built DickerMax. There is also the TX 22 that can be purchased from Immortal hobbies, and for the transmitter I'm still debating on what transmitter and receiver I will get. I looking for one with at least a 6 channels,can be programmed to run multiple tanks, where as the receivers don't coast an arm and a leg, but if they are to take my legs they will get the replacement knees with them LOL.

Any suggestions guys on a good choice for a transmitters
A good TX is the FS9X. Technically it is the same as the Turnigy 9X, but it does come with better firmware imo. I have had both and I liked the FS9X firmware better. It is however no biggie to get a smartie board and flash an opensource firmware like OPENTX. Then you are free to do as you wish with the TX and are not limited by the manufacturer.