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Born in 1959. Lots of Gillows rubber powered. I remember a red control-line Albatross biplane I had to have a whole bunch of box tops for (Alpha Bits?) with a little Cox .049 engine that was a miserable little $#!+ of an engine. I cartwheeled that poor thing big time in a tire rut where I was trying to fly. That was probably when I was 10 or 11. Used the engine later in a free flight.

Had a Stuka control line (Goldberg?) that was still flyable and in the attic of my parents house when, unfortunately, they had a small fire and a LOT of water damage from the Fire Dept. Can't blame them - they saved the house but squished my boxed and piled childhood - about 20 model rockets, several free-flight airplanes, lots of other kid goodies.

My RC success was a Sig Riser II two channel glider and a surgical tubing hi-start. Had good luck with that and still have the stripped-out airframe.

Then I tried to do a Sig Kadet that came out at about 15 pounds with a .35 sise engine and again with the cartwheels.