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Of course! Now that I have some extra help I will have time to sit down and make more videos and such for you guys. This includes mods as well. When I get my RC2TG in I will do a write up, I don't know if I'll get a Taranis, that is just me hoping
The reason I say to go with these guys is to support your local hobby shop. If we all buy Turnigy just because it is "cheap and works" then eventually it will be harder and harder to find a part locally. A Turnigy 9X will do, but for an extra $10 or so you can support your hobby shop. Heck if you count in shipping it will probably be less!
The most channels I can see an average person using is 5-6. Anything more than that is for the true modders such as LED channels, extra outside servos/motors (winches and snowplows), motorized commanders, sounds, and etc. With that being said though a good TX will last a LONG time and can be used with multiple models pretty easily. I like to use Mode 2 transmitters and swap the elevation to a servo. Then you dont have to use a self center mod for the transmitter stick and you can still use it to fly quads and helis. As soon as the Sherman rush calms down and I feel our newest tech can handle a few things I will put up some new videos of lots of things!

Edit: Costs....
I recommend Diamond Hobby for FlySky products, he is a good friend of ours and is an EXPERT flyer. He should be able to get almost any FlySky product you need. FS also just came out with a 6ch telemetry based model too, here is the page for that: http://www.diamondhobby.com/electron.../flysky-i6-ia6
It seems he is out of the 9X right now, but he does have the Taranis..... Bossman get me one please!!

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