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Originally Posted by invertmast View Post
Cool video Sammi

I remember my first time seeing it in person and just flabergasted at how big it was.

I think your RTF weight for a 1:16 model is a lot optimistic. I can see 10-15lbs of batteries alone, another 40-50lbs of airframe.

I would expect this thing to easily hit the 150+lb RTF weight.

im looking into doing a 1/12 TU-95 (202" span) and the RTF weight for that is expected to be 140-160lbs. Im currently looking into how to get it into a sub 125lb weight range.

Yeah you are right Thomas, When I wrote those specs, I missed adding "1" in front of 40, to make it 140 lbs but, our Canadian weight limit is 77lbs or MTO get's into it and that's headache, so I'm going to build it lighter that it's 77lbs or lighter by using different types of foams, CF, FG, Balsa and plywood in this construction.