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Default Best RTRs at $100 or less for a beginner

I'd like to get my son his first above toy grade RC Car for Christmas. I really want to stay under $100. I have fairly reasonable expectations and I understand you get what you pay for. I don't mind fixing/repairing broken parts and would actually look forward to eventually upgrading certain parts. I am brand new to this world and haven't touched an RC car since the Grasshopper I owned when I was a kid. Just doing a casual search, I found these few models:

Dromida MT4.18
ECX Ruckus
Red Cat Racing Tremor

The MT4 seems to get decent reviews and sounds fairly stout. I like that it has oil filled shocks and waterproof electronics. The ability to dial down the speed sounded good too. The Tremor first caught my eye, but upon further reading had bad reviews. Again, I know I've barely scratched the surface but I'd like a few suggestions for a decent RTR under $100. I'm mostly interested in trucks and vehicles that can handle low grass, or off road/dirt fields. Thanks in advance!