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Default Fist plane

Hello,I have been into rc cars fro about 5 years rc planes enver really intrested me till about a week ago when i accidently went into a plane picture forum iw as imedetly addicted.I always htought of airplanes as a hobby you throw $1000 into a plan ot have is crash on the first flight but i found this sight that had begginer plane for the 200-300 area rtr.My first question is what is better for begginers airplanes or helis?LAso should i go with nitro or electric as my first plane?Here is the plane im looking at [link=http://www.hobby-lobby.com/leonardo.htm]Leonardo Lightweight ARF[/link] how long are run times witht his plane are they like 10min?I odnt want to make the mistake i did with rc cars and have to charge batt. every 10min [:'(] Thank You for any help