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not much in the 1/18 scale that will handle grass. dirt and pavement yes, but grass is hard on this scale as they have smaller tires and less ground clearance.

I have owned a redcat tremor. I generally don't care for anything smaller than 1/10 scale, but the tremor did have a few good points.
For it's is dang quick! It had a standard 380 size brushed most 1/18 models do. But instead of a heavier NIMH battery, it has a Li-ion battery. It is much smaller, lighter and puts out more amps for the motor to use.
It has decent handling for a 1/18 monster truck style model. Fair traction, decent turning ect.

Its weak point is the stub axles...which are plastic. Mine were OK, until it started to get cold (maine) and then I was snapping them often.

The only other area is with the steering servo. Many people have had them quit after a few runs. I did as well, but the issue isn't the is with the chassis. The chassis' upper plate will prevent the servo from moving 100% to the left. So, when you turn that way the servo hits the chassis and keeps trying to turn...this causes strain and heat....which will kill the servo.
But this is easily prevented by adjusting the maximum servo throw on the radio (dual rate adjustment) Just turn it down to about 90% and the servo wont hit the chassis and will be fine.

If you want a model that is good out of the box, and has more upgrade potential (like brushless ect) then the ECX torment 1/18 or ruckus 1/18 are better choices. They are more like $120....but there are more aftermarket parts and they also come with waterproof electronics.

here are vids of my tremor I had some time ago