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they are sub-C sized nimh it is still a 6cell battery but the actual cells are smaller than the ones in 1/10 battery packs.

Not sure on the dromidas...but several 1/18 models these days use 12mm hex. Just depends on the brand. Im sure you can find a exploded parts view for the dromida to know if they use a 12mm hex, something smaller or just a Pin.

Buying a brand that will be easy to get parts for is always your best bet. No one wants to wait a week for replacement parts to arrive in the mail.

Id also check to see if a model you are looking into has a ESC that can use a 2s lipo. You don't have to go lipo right away, but a 2s lipo packs a lot more punch into a lighter weight both top speed and acceleration increases. You can also usually fit a pack with higher MAH capacity for more runtime than a nimh pack can provide. Ads will usually state if the ESC is lipo "ready" or lipo "capable".