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I possibly could have moved the motor an 1/8" down, the lower 2 cylinders were very close to the cowl also, so I am not positive it would have gave me enough room or not. I just ordered a spare set of rocker covers and ground off the fins on a disc sander. I got the extra set just in case I screwed up and ground through the top of the cover!
I ordered and received a Keleo exhaust ring, but was very disappointed with it when I got it. The fit required you to loosen the barrel on each cylinder and bend, twist and whatever to get it to fit. Also the motor box would have needed modification to get it installed and I just wasn't interested in doing all that work. I used the stock flex exhaust pipes and believe it or not, they are long enough to be bent and fit out the scale exhaust ports H9 includes with the airplane. The flex pipes are the right OD to fit inside the piece supplied that is the scale dress-up item. I was thinking I was going to be disappointed with the exhaust note, with everyone saying how good the Keleo exhaust sounds, but I was very happy with the way the flex pipes sounded. Nice lopey idle, and a great throaty roar in flight at full throttle. Several other people at the field were quite impress with the sound also.