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Originally Posted by Aldo Rebsamen View Post
Hello Chad
If you are still in search for a new design. Here is a Messerschmitt which never came off the drawing board.
Its a bit like a sporty warbird.
Originally Posted by Aldo Rebsamen View Post
Regards Aldo

Neat airplane Aldo. Looks like an attempt to make the Me-209 into a viable service aircraft. Unfortunately I have enough projects to fill several lifetimes already but maybe it will inspire someone else to action.

Originally Posted by ARUP View Post
Here is what I'm going to start building come 1 January 2015. In 1/4 scale a 1937 Frank Haines H-3 'Mystery' sometimes called Firelfy'. It'll have retracts and flaps, too! Brassy gold with red trim... beauty!
That's going in the opposite direction from your last few projects eh ARUP?!!! Very interesting and I will look forward to your build.

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