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Frank update!!!!

You guys probably know I assembled and bash'd a couple TF GS Corsairs for a bro of mine here in SoCal (Shaun Roblee). One was in Quantico gray, black gun hood, and white feathers. The other was all black with red markings (courtesy of Callie Grapics). Both are powered by DLE55RA's with Bowman rings and spin a 20X15 T6 prop... Very fast.. He also wants me to build a third but this time he wants it peeled, glassed, and painted british camo.. more on that later...

Well.. one of the old guys at the PVMAC flightline asked if I could help fix the covering on a GeeBee (GreatPlanes) so I agreed and its been sitting in my garage for a month (guilt is a powerful motivator). Today I pulled it out and started tightening the covering with a heat gun and kept on going and assembled the wing and put the mains on... now I'm working on the fuse...

I gotta start working on my stuff, man! This afternoon the right main for the Meister Wulf came back from Darrel @ Sierra Giant.. it's essentially a replacement so I've got to figure out what paint they used so I can match the other gear... I've already mounted the new DLE120 in the nose of that beast.. my repairs on the wing sheeting look like **** but it's the plane I'll be bringing to Top Gun in April... Gotta make it look good.

update complete.. there.. read it and be merry!