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ok.. I'm burning out on repairs...

>after 200+ flights and at least triple that in hitting the switch on radio, the starter motor on my DLE55RA finally took a dump today... It's burned up... no more torque...
>while flying at "ridiculous speed" today some of the MonoKote came off Shaun Roblee's Quantico Corsair inboard wing panel... I gotta meet someone and sit with them and pay them to "learn" me how to handle complex & convex curves with an iron.. it's got a patch MonoKote and been repainted to match - also did some touch ups on the hangar rash
>A few flights later on a high speed pass the tail feathers on his other Corsair, the all black "Nightmare", had bad flutter.. he landed it and the horizontal stab separated again from the fuse... I've given up on 5 minute epoxy and used T88 and some WestSystems 410 microballons... It only added 8.5lbs to the tail which should make for some fun flyin tomorrow... haha.. I won't tell him! If that fails I'm giving up on that repair and just fill the fail section with expanding epoxy (Gorilla glue) and use 5 or 6 1/4-20 bolts back there. Make it as heavy as Cole's big Corsair still sitting here in the rafters (anyone have one of those giant construction cranes so I can move it around?)

well.. that's it for today.. flying tomorrow at BlackStar... The Captured Jug flew well today so I may be flying that one tomorrow.