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Originally Posted by TJPro351 View Post
I have the PowerBox GPS II sensor and also reading 32 mph on my GPS speed. I read it as soon as I power on the radio. Today, I will power up GPS on the jet and when I receive a good GPS signal, will check it again. I may try to reset sensor and if that doesn't work, go back to 2.4.1
Sounds like the same bug with a different sensor.

The fact that it reads 32 instead of 0 makes it seem like its some sort of unit of measure conversion bug. 32 degrees Farenheit = 0 degrees Celsius. I know its a speed measurement, not temperature but it seems like more than coincidence.

And I'm with the rest of you. Come on Futaba! If you want to stay the leader you have to lead! Love my 18mz best radio in my book but some of the 'others' are making quick progress on the telemetry front.