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In my opinion, Futaba is really dropping the ball on their $3K flagship transmitter. Updates are far and few between and most are little tweaks. You can request new features in the Futaba support forum where the mod sends them directly to Futaba. I've put in a few and although some may be jet related, others seemed to be universal like a talking timer. How many flyers would find that useful? Having been a Futaba user since day one, I would still recommend them to a newbie but if someone asked me today what brand of flagship radio they should buy, it would not be this radio specifically because either Futaba doesn't want to add new useful features or more than likely they didn't put that flexibility into it when it was in the design stage. Right now you can buy a Jeti 16 which seems to have way more useful features and telemetry for almost half the price of an 18 and have enough leftover to change out a good number of planes to Jeti Rx's. I really like the 18 but thought it was overpriced when I bought it a few years ago but now with the competition out there it is really not worth it. I hope Futaba can change my mind but I'm not holding my breath.