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I have only a small amount of progress to relate over the weekend. I stripped the covering from the port wing to discover that the aileron was held on by an "Ultimate Hinge." It is still in serviceable condition so I decided to leave it in place. I still have sufficient Ultimate Hinge left over from the original build so I've decided to use it to hinge the starboard aileron.

I found that instead of using a conventional ply dihedral brace I had simply butted the wings together at the appropriate angle and reinforced the joint with carbon fibre tow. It must have been strong enough because the starboard wing snapped off at the next wing bay, not at the centre section.
The picture above shows the port wing with the covering removed.

For some reason there's a piece if 1/4" sq spruce behind the leading edge of the port centre section, evidence of a previous repair. I'll see whether I can dremel it out. Carbon fibre tows visible. They have proved difficult to sand flat but my battery-powered triangular sander finally did the job.

Port wing before I sawed off the remains of the starboard wing centre section!

Port wing ready for joining. According to my plan the dihedral should be 2.5 inches at the last wing rib, whether that means 2.5 or 5 inches overall is not clear. Apparently the Outerzone plan has a dihedral of 3.5 inches under each wing tip. This suggests to me that Chris was constantly experimenting with the model.Apparently he made 28 Uproars in a six-year period of competing with them. Radio control must have been very unreliable and even dangerous in those days! In order to make the model aerobatic, I will go for a dihedral of 2.5 inches overall and calculated that a dihedral angle of 2.5 inches at 30 inches is the same as 1/4" at 3 inches, my new plywood brace will therefore be 1/8" higher at 3 inches than it is at the centre.

I have been flying WOT 4s and Fun Flys all winter with no dihedral at all so should be able to manage an Uproar with 1"-11/4" under each wingtip.