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Default JR XG14 Disabling Throttle trim from Flight modes


Can you disable the throttle trim memory when using flight modes? If so - how. On my turbine I have to use the throttle trim to initiate the start and shutdown sequences. I also use flight modes as it is a convenient way to individually adjust the main flight surfaces when using flaps. On take off I use no flap and have the throttle trim high. Landing is with full flap. To shut down the engine I then use throttle trim down. The problem arises if I forget to raise the flap before shut down. If I forget to raise the throttle trim to high for full flap before the next flight it remains in the low position ( ie shut down) and the next time I fly and hit full flaps the engine goes into it's shut down sequence. DEAD STICK. This is an ( expensive) accident waiting to happen. I know I can use the flap to elevator/aileron trim but it is really handy to be able to use flight modes. Any ideas ?