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ken bartlett
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More thoughts on the micro Radian. I had thought that when the motor on mine wears out that I would hang it up start flying my spare one that I have in the box. There is another way to fly the Radian.......Use a micro hi-start. E-flight's other micro glider, the UMX 21 comes with a high start. I saw one at my hobby shop and it looked like 1/16 rubber and a roll of thread. I also saw a video of that model using that hi-start. It worked great. You might be able to order that hi-start from E-Flight or you could make one if you can find 1/16 strip rubber like the free flight modelers use. I have two other small gliders that I designed and I use 3/16 rubber for my high start. There is still another way to fly the Radian......hand tow. Back in my free-flight days I hand towed small gliders. I remember the Thermic Trooper from Jetco Models. It was about the same size as the Micro Radian. All you need is some string and a helper. Put a small hook on your Radian , have your helper hold the model and run into the wind. It works great. Another thought......I e-mailed Horizon and asked if they might ever bring out a Micro Radian with a brushless motor. I received a quick reply. They said they would have an answer for me in 3 to 5 days. Maybe something is in the works. Have you seen the "Whipit" from Horizon? It will be available in May. It is a small pure glider and it looks fantastic. I have pre ordered one and I cant wait to receive it. Look at Horizon's web site and you can see a video of it flying. I think it will be another winner for Horizon........Happy thermals for everyone.