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Default Using Washers Causes a Slight Gap But Works ,But are There Issues?

Originally Posted by RBean View Post
Electric Eddie, I have found that Robart retracts are very susceptible to problems from being slightly twisted. I used glass bedding compound to create a perfect match between the Robarts and the mounting rails. Use plenty of release agent on the retracts, us tape to keep the compound from flowing into the retract let dry overnight. Remove retracts and trim off excess. I the retracts did worked ok after that. A PITA but worked.

Hi Guys,

I tried using a couple of washers here and there under different screws combined with tightening and loosening the screws in different order I was able to get the retract to work pretty well.

I am using the one retract that is not mounted sitting on the bench as a comparison retract to the one in the wing giving me trouble and I almost have a match. If the retract is deployed and I slowly raise the wing by the tip and stand the wing half on the root the retract folds up into the wing on its on weight. I would presume this is what our desired goal is, to get the retract to close smooth like without any binding or stiffness?

If that sounds good, then is it OK to go with using washers under a few of the screws to get the retract mounted correctly instead of using the epoxy method? Now my other thought is with the washers now, there a slight gap under the flange from one screw end to the other screw end.

Are there any issues foreseen by using washers which will cause a slight gap that may cause some loosening or vibration?

I as using one inch socket head sheet metal screws with washers and lock washers. But at completion I will use Locktite as well.

Thanks a Bunch