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Originally Posted by Eddie P View Post
With as many issues I've had with air leaks because of where I live (high mountains, hot and cold temp swings, dry air) I still happen to prefer the latest round of electric retracts, especially since the actuator motors have been improved int he last couple seasons.

Retracts have always been a PITA. Pick your poison - dried out seals and leaks, valves going bad, retract servos and linkages, miles of tubing and overhauling seals and tubes, or retract motor issues that happen more and more rarely these days (to me at least, beel e gearing for many seasons now). To me I still prefer a careful installation of electric retracts these days.

The untrue mounting rails and installation shims would have been necessary on a pneumatic retract too but it might have just shown up in flight with a gear up landing as a result vs an obvious issue on the bench.

Hi Guys,

I definitely agree with you with your last sentence..............

I have an idea based on some of the advice here. I have a boat and in the marine stores of which I a very familiar with , they have a product which is an epoxy based product however it's form is like clay. There are two rolls of material, one gray and one white. You cut equal parts, say about an inch of each and roll it and message it together until it is totally mixed. This can then be used to do with what ever you would do with say the epoxy and micro balloon mix. I know they sell a product like this in the big home store etc.

What do you think of using this for bedding the retracts?

Thanks again guys for all of the advice