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Well these are the pictures I was unable to upload in my previous posting - unknown for what reason. Anyway - I decided to install both elevator and rudder servos in the tail to achieve as short linages as possible. Instead of having long push-pull wires to the rudder with the rudder horns outside the rudder surface, I integrated them into the rudder, a method I tired on a CARF Mustang which worked just fine. The main wheel retract bed was far to weak from my point of view and I entered into an extensive project re-inforcing them. It does not look nice, but is rock solid without adding too much weight (I hope ). Finally I am troubling with the tail wheel gear door and have no solution to that yet.

To your question Rob. The solution you have selected is in my opinion the best you could do in order to get the tail wheel retract out if needed. I am using the Robart one and that is simpler to get our for "service". So I regret not to be able to serve you with a different solution to that challenge.

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