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Originally Posted by dhal22 View Post
Gorilla glue has it's uses but not many in building planes. It is unmatched in sheeting balsa to foam wing cores.
I agree Gorilla glue has its place for things like gluing in wing tube sockets, servo rails, root ribs, tip ribs, leading and trailing edges on foam core sheeted wings, foam core sheeted ailerons, horizontal stabs and elevators, foam core sheeted vertical stabs and rudders, foam core sheeted turtle decks, forward decks, canopy hatches, and belly pans. With that said I would say that it has many uses on building airplanes, you can also use it for glue on sheeting, but if you want the lightest and strongest sheeting bond line then laminating epoxy resin and the use of vacuum bagging is unmatched.

I have never tried to preserve G/G, as others have stated moister gets to it so I use what I need for a build and toss the rest in the trash.