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Originally Posted by johnyrot View Post
DO NOT trust these guys. They published products they dont have in stock and hence you will never accurately receive your item. Its been a week now and my item still is on back order. I have already paid and they keep promising to ship my item. Ive called to cancel and they tell me its already too late as its shipped but still no tracking number.

They post all the products on the site and once you make the order, scramble to fullfill it by contacting other sources or dealers or merchants to get you the item. Will never buy again from these guys.

You obviously have little or no experience with ordering goods out of China.

You saying, I quote .... "DO NOT trust these guys" is totally wrong and misleading. You are WRONG!!!!!!!!!

Please get your facts straight before you make such blatant, broad and untrue bashing statements, it only shows YOUR ignorance!

You obviously chose the FREE shipping method (China Post) which DOES take longer (3 - 4 weeks) ..... If you had PAID for shipping and had it shipped FEDEX or DHL, you would have received your goods within 2 - 3 business days with excellent tracking and you wouldn't be here bashing and complaining and making such broad bashing statements.

So next time you order anything from China (regardless from whom) and you CHOOSE free shipping, you CAN expect to wait 4 weeks for your order, with not so good tracking. Keep in mind, goods can also be held up in customs, which is no fault of the seller.

China post is NOT a direct shipping method. Your purchased item, more than likely goes through various internal and international flights before landing up at its 'final' destination. China post is NOT a courier service!

If you ordered an item that was not in stock at the time and on backorder, that's YOUR fault, NOT the companies ... "I'm just saying!!!"
You should always check to see if item is in stock before hitting the buy button

Companies are obligated to ship any in stock order within 5 business days from order date. If not, you have every right to cancel if you so choose, without prejudice.

As far as canceling an order, ANY order CAN be cancelled providing it has not already been shipped.
You can also use your CC company and/or Paypal to cancel payment if your item has not been shipped within a reasonable time. (usually after 5 business days from date of order.)

BTW, on smaller items, (under a certain nominal amount) .. it's NOT unusual for companies NOT to supply a tracking number.

I order quite a lot from China .... Banggood, Aliexpress, Asiatees, Hobbyking to name a few and NOT all items purchased, come with tracking number. (usually under $10 items)
I have NEVER had an issue with my goods not arriving and I choose FREE shipping 98% of the time.

You are very welcome NOT to order from whomever you choose (that's your perogative), however please don't make such blatant and unwarranted statements, especially when you don't have the experience and/or knowledge.

"Roll your eyes ..... perhaps with perseverance and a lot of luck might just find a brain back there"

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