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Kyosho Just released the Mad Force Kruiser 2.0 in nitro and brushless a few months ago. I'm not really sure what's different about it over the old Kruiser model, Maybe they just did a Traxxas thing and changed the body, wheels, and a few miscellaneous parts and called it a new model. No matter what they did, it still looks to be one of the best solid axle MT options out there, though there is little you can do to customize it unfortunately from what I've found. The FO-XX looks like a crawler version of the Mad Force with a different shell on it, other than that it looks identical. I actually just bought the nitro Kruiser 2.0 myself, first RTR I've bought new since 2001 when I bought my first hobby grade RC, a Traxxas Stampede. I watched a few vids and searched around, it seems to be a very solid, nicely built truck. I'm still waiting on it to arrive, so I can't really comment on it yet but I have yet to find evidence that it is a bad truck in any way. Any people I can find who have owned the Mad Force trucks love it. When it comes to T Maxx trucks, I'll continue to build those ground up due to the huge hop up market for them, but any others I'll just stick to RTR. Other than Traxxas, it seems there is not much that can be done in the line of customizing aside from a few bolt on mods like wheels. The Axial Yeti looks pretty cool if you're into electric trucks, but I think the Mad Force Kruiser 2.0 VE is cheaper and I have no clue if the Yeti can be customized. IMO the Mad Force looks the best and looks like it would handle the best out of all the solid axle MT trucks I've seen.