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Originally Posted by raubold View Post
{DLE carb like} without the automatic crapp,or detent stuff ball/shaft and spring from another valbro carb same size and design will work, you figure it out by looking at that stuff. the automatic release is close to useless in R/C but easy to fix for this aplication
even buying a junk carb with regular choke makes it worth doing that conversion
I have the 30cc agm. My problem from the beginning was a cracked crank case .so tge seller from eBay sent me a new one. Now after 2 gallons of 32 to 1 I decide to check rpm with a 19x3da xoar prop and only get 6200 rpm. I disassemble the engine and the cylinder has pits in the metal bore surface. So they are now sending a new top end .the weird thing is the engine has 3 time the compresion when I turn it backwards with the carb and reeds removed. This makes no since what could be wrong?