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ken bartlett
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Hello everyone who has ordered a Whipit. In spite if being told by Horizon that they would not be available until mid June, mine arrived yesterday. I mounted the wing with 4 screws and it was ready to fly but it was too windy and it did not slow down even at sunset. This morning I went to my field and the wind was 4 mph. I made a couple of launches and realized that I had a problem........15 months ago I had surgery on my right shoulder and I thought I had recovered but I could not throw the Whipit without pain......A discus launch did not work either. I got dizzy. I suppose that is what happens to old coots like me. I have launched many hand launched in the past but those days are over. I am still going to fly my Whipit with a micro hi-start made from 1/8 inch rubber and a length of light fishing line. There are a few slopes even in south Florida. I found one 4 miles south of my location. I am sure a Whipit would fly on a slope. I have slope soared at Torrey Pines, California and at Nags Head North Carolina . It is great fun. The Whipit is a micro engineered masterpiece. I can see that it has great potential. I hope everyone has good luck with their Whipits. Happy thermals to everyone..........Ken