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Question Savage X 4.6 RTR not going into 2nd gear.

Last week I finally noticed that my new truck that I was tuning isn't going into second gear. I watched the HPI video and seen how they adjust the timing. So I open the cover and blah blah and wow is that screw very tight. Now the HPI video says to use 90 degree turns which is a quarter so I do two quarter turns and still no luck. Do I have the amount to turn wrong? If the screw was set all the way in, is it shifting to second immediately and I need to make some full turns? I have the tuning set still pretty rich on the low setting but it accelerates quick and does wheelies. Do I need to tune that more or is it the screw in the transmission?

I did my best to take video of the truck running at or very near full throttle. Please listen and let me know what you think.