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Default Insurance - AMA dues - Are we paying our fair share

While flying at the field yesterday I saw the normal for our field. Warbirds, sport, Giant, small, Foamy, heli and balsa planes. All of us at the field has paid in our $58.00 to the AMA for our insurance, Mag and other items that comes with the $58.00 dues.

But is it fair or right that the guy flying the heavy wardbirds are paying the same as the multi rotor flyer? both are not within the park flyer limits so why should the much higher risk warbird flyer pay the same for their insurance that the multi rotor pilot? That seems unfair. Compaired to the other flyers the 3D and Multi rotor has most likely been in much less amount of AMA claims compaired to Warbirds or even sport or trainers. I would not be shocked if the real number was 0.

So if a AMA members wants to fly those higher risk warbirds then maybe they should have to pay their fair share. I am not saying ban the warbird guys but they should pay their fair share. Maybe if you fly warbirds then your dues should be raised and the rest of the membership should stay at the $58.00 for 2016.