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Simple solution.

First 10 years of your RC modelling experience you should pay a higher rate. Inexperience pilots are not very skilled, probably don't have the know how to assemble correctly or even build a kit.

For every failure or incident you have with your model aircraft, you must submit, in triplicate an incident report form describing the situation, signed by witnesses and notarized. Mailed via USPS certified to AMA, FAA, and Department of Homeland Security. Your rate will go up each and every incident.

When an RC modeller reaches the age of 40, he/she will also have to submit a yearly medical report, based on the examination chosen by AMA selected doctor, that the person still has the physical, visual, and mental capacity to fly. This examination is pass fail and there is no appeal process.

When an RC modeller reaches the age of 50, the physical, mental, visual exam will be monthly. BTW, cost of these exams will be out of your pocket, and not covered by any health insurance.

Your model will also have a rate based on country of manufacture. ARFs and or Kits made in some countries will have a higher rate than those manufactured in others.

I could go on, but my sarcasm tank is already on half and it's not even 8am yet......