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I always love an argument where someone tries to decide what is a "fair share". It is obvious from the argument that you believe you are overpaying for coverage and someone else is not paying enough. Turbine fliers already have to go thru a flight evaluation process, and I think if you check the number given by the JPO you will find that incidents are no higher than any other realm of rc flying. The idea behind a single payment system is that it prevents complicating a system that will require someone to monitor those who fly. What if I like to fly 3D, but also own a jet or warbird? What if I fly a warbird and also own a quadcopter? Most RCers I know have multiple interests and are not satisified just flying one type of aircraft. How do you decide to "rate" them in your new insurance plan?
Most of us predicted years ago that when the AMA took up a two tiered electric flier system that it would not be long until some yahoo proposed one that separated the other regiments. Congratulation, you won the prize. The AMA insurance program basically covers everyone for the same price. This allows you develop more interests and encourage you to explore different facets of the sport. For those flying aircraft of more than a certain weight, you have to get a waiver. The same goes for turbine fliers and those who fly turbine helis. That is a self policing type of action because it does involve a slightly higher risk, BUT the historical records have proven that this type of system appears to be working.