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Wow there were some really good thoughts expressed here and some that were, well you read them. One was maybe it should be based on weight. That would be one way to go and seperate light weight warbirds from the scale warbirds. The only problem is adding the Giant 3D pilots. As a group, has proven to be in the safest groups in the AMA. It is due to their scale level is so high. Before you start the hate typing I am not a giant 3Der. Out of my confort zone. Never fly anything you cant afford to crash.

To be fair I thing you could only teir off by groups unless the AMA keeps it the same where the safer flyers pay the rate of the higher risk flyer. Me, I dont mind paying my fair share but maybe I should not have to pay for a part of someone else.

There was one thing talked about the risk of the 3D. If you watch the video to the end you would have seen what happens when a 3Der goes down. It is down where they are were flying. Not moving forward out of control into areas where people are located. Video tells what happens.