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Chris P. Bacon
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Maybe folks in the southern part of the country should pay more since their flying season is longer than those in the northern part of the country. Maybe our dues should be based on our age and we should pay more as we age since our reflexes slow down increasing the probability of having an accident. Maybe we should just pay based on how much we fly on a per minute basis so those who fly the most pay the most and those who were too busy to fly all season don't pay as much. You know, make it an honor system and just send it in at the end of the year. Maybe folks who fly at higher elevations should pay more since the air is thinner increasing the probability of accident. The same for folks who live in windy locations. Those who have flying fields facing the sun should pay more too. Noise is a distraction while flying so noisy aircraft should also pay more. Lipos are dangerous too so anyone using Lipos should pay more.

Yeah, that's the ticket! Maybe I'll save a whopping $2-3/year on my dues!