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Originally Posted by crash99 View Post
Why are warbirds a higher risk? Great Q. In physics, mass is a property of a physical body which determines the strength of its mutual gravitational attraction to other bodies, its resistance to being accelerated by a force, and in the theory of relativity gives the mass–energy content of a system.

Warbirds has the largest mass per square inch of lift. A mass will stay in motion until a stronger force stops it. 3D flight Gravity if the force that stop motion. for warbirds its gravity and ground that stop forward motion. We all pray people are not the force but the videos out on the web shows other wise. It is what it is.

If the cause flying skill or building skill? I can only say accross the country new pilots seek out the 3D pilots to maiden their new airplanes more than any other pilots.
What make a warbird a higher risk? They make different size warbirds from the little parkflyer up to the 50 cc size and beyond where do you draw the line?