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Originally Posted by crash99 View Post
Wow there were some really good thoughts expressed here and some that were, well you read them. One was maybe it should be based on weight. That would be one way to go and seperate light weight warbirds from the scale warbirds. The only problem is adding the Giant 3D pilots. As a group, has proven to be in the safest groups in the AMA. It is due to their scale level is so high. Before you start the hate typing I am not a giant 3Der. Out of my confort zone. Never fly anything you cant afford to crash.

To be fair I thing you could only teir off by groups unless the AMA keeps it the same where the safer flyers pay the rate of the higher risk flyer. Me, I dont mind paying my fair share but maybe I should not have to pay for a part of someone else.

There was one thing talked about the risk of the 3D. If you watch the video to the end you would have seen what happens when a 3Der goes down. It is down where they are were flying. Not moving forward out of control into areas where people are located. Video tells what happens.
Where are you coming up with the data to back up this statement, one which you've made a couple of times now? I can't question this if presented as an opinion, but there's just nothing to show this as fact. As the old lady at Wendy's used to say....Where's the Beef (or in this case...proof). Since when are 3D planes (of any size) more scale or detailed? At best some of the IMAC planes have a fake gauge panel and a pilot. I've seen far more civilian aircraft with more more detail however it's normally the warbirds that take that cake.

Originally Posted by crash99 View Post
Why are warbirds a higher risk? Great Q. In physics, mass is a property of a physical body which determines the strength of its mutual gravitational attraction to other bodies, its resistance to being accelerated by a force, and in the theory of relativity gives the mass–energy content of a system.

Warbirds has the largest mass per square inch of lift. A mass will stay in motion until a stronger force stops it. 3D flight Gravity if the force that stop motion. for warbirds its gravity and ground that stop forward motion. We all pray people are not the force but the videos out on the web shows other wise. It is what it is.

If the cause flying skill or building skill? I can only say accross the country new pilots seek out the 3D pilots to maiden their new airplanes more than any other pilots.
You seem fixated on the size and weight of the plane. And more assumptions about what pilots across the country are doing. At the clubs I belong to it's the seasoned more experienced warbird guys that get asked to maiden planes. The size and weight of the plane are not predictors or overall factors on the extent of damage that can be done. It's the accident scenario that will determine that.

Two years ago a well respected member of our club maidened a scratch built Sig Senorita, After a couple of patterns it took off, absolutely no control. Went out of our field, over a senior complex, across numerous roads (some of which have scale aircraft and heli engines hauled on them), close to a highway, then ran out of fuel and landed in the backyard of an empty house for sale. The overgrown grass and weeds certainly helped out, the plane had virtually no damage on it. When a realtor came to show the house they found the plane. Pilots info was inside, and he got it back, a year and half later. That great gentle 5 plus pound sunday flier could have caused millions of dollars in damage had it gone down in the wrong place at the wrong time.