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Default Ultracote covering over Auto Primer??

I just built a kit wing. The LE balsa sheeting was very old, dry and weak. It would crack whenever I put any pressure on it!
I covered it with very light weight silk and thin CA. It greatly improved the strength, but is was not very smooth and even!
I used gray auto "sandable primer" to smooth things out.(Iron Armor brand, said it was good for metal fiberglass or wood.)
It worked OK, but I was left with "blotchy" gray and (balsa) tan spots. II tried to cover with Dark Yellow Ultracote.... the spots showed thru terribly!!!
Now I don't know what to do....
It didn't seem that the Ultracote adhered as well to the primer as is does on wood. Maybe it's OK.... but, not sure!!
I would like to paint over the primer, or use another coat of primer (maybe white primer, if I can find it)

What would you suggest? Even coat of primer (white or gray), or paint over the primer (what paint would be best?)
Does Ultracote work on painted surfaces?
Should I apply "Balsarite" (can this be applied OVER the primer?)


Don Snyder