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It's not something I have done often or recently so I had to go look. I think it was the LusterKote but I have a few other brands out there in white but the LK is a lacquer. Only time I use primer is when I glass and paint or on glass parts I'm going to paint.
By leading edge did you mean the true LE or the sheeting?? I'm thinking sheeting because I can't understand anyone putting pressure on the leading edge that would crack it.
If it's the sheeting then wet it before you try to shape it and glue it down. I use a 50/50 blend of water and ammonia and only spray one side, the top side and as it soaks in the wood it will bend to shape easily if you do it slowly. I have several of those spray bottles you can buy at the dollar store. I'm old school and use the ammonia but even just straight water will work.
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