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the newer savages are more beefy and larger, some parts are interchangeable but they still offer parts for the older models readily. I have an older savage X 4.6 and have gotten parts that were stocked at the LHS still. If not just about any big online retailer has what you need. Brakes are easy on these, its a simple design. mine does stoppies if I jam em. Ask how many gallons is on the motor, usually 9-12 gal's is about all you'll get before the engine has low compression & gets hard to tune/ is sluggish. Spin the wheels off the ground and make sure theres no funny noises, see if the differentials work correctly (opposite wheel your turning will go the opposite way). I got my savage that needed quite a bit of TLC for about $100, check out the PICS OF YOUR SAVAGES thread, mine is the last post in there. I wound up doing new servo's a new piston, a new differential, new wheels & tires, new shock towers, some other odds and ends and a lot of cleaning.