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Default Brand new to gas. DLE 30... Break-in clarification??

Hi guys,
I am brand new to gasoline engines (have flown nitro) and was hoping someone could give me some clarification or point me in the direction of of a good resource.
After doing quite a bit of research on the DLE 30 break in procedure, it seems like everyone says something different. Some say to break in on the ground, some say in the air? Some say vary the throttle, others say hold at half throttle, full throttle, etc. There seems to be a consensus on the break in period generally requiring 3-5 gallons.

So my question is... what exactly do I do for those 3 to 5 gallons? The manual seems kind of sparse here... I figured i'd do the first run on the ground to get the needles set properly, but what next?? Run more on the ground? "baby" it in the air until 3+ gallons are through? Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciate.