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The balance point on most models is measured as a percentage of the chord. I checked one of my Top Flite P-47's and it balances at 30 percent of the chord measured at the fuselage. 28 to 32 percent is an average range. I prefer the more rearward point which calls for less elevator throw. As you move the balance point forward you will need more throw. Forward balance requires a higher landing speed as you need the air flowing over the elevator to hold the nose up to flair. Rearward requires less throw as the landing speeds are slower. Any extremes on balance choice can be bad. I've seen nose-heavy planes plow into the runway because the elevator couldn't lift the nose. If you balance around 20 percent, this is a likely event. Balanced at 40 percent, the pitch stability will be compromised and loss of control is likely.

Avoid meaningless adages when it is time to balance your plane. Get out your calculator and do the math, just like the engineers that designed the plane did!

You will like your P-47. They are the best mannered of the fighter planes....they were designed to be a stable, good handling weapons platform that translate into a like-handling model.