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Originally Posted by opjose View Post
For anyone interested.

I've tried various cameras from different manufacturers including the FlyCamOne2.

I've tried small Sony cameras that have AV capapabilities.

The small keychain cameras and some of the hobby cameras produce less than stellar results.

I was disappointed with the FlyCamOne2, but the peripheral "hot foot" servo controller, etc... were somewhat nice if overpriced.

The Hero GoPro produces good results but I took the risk and purchased one of these on a whim.

[link=http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__34114__HD_Wing_Camera_1280x720p_30fps_5MP_CMOS_U SA_Warehouse_.html]Wing Camera[/link]

I expected the above "wing camera" to produce video no better than the FlyCamOne2...

I was quite surprised to discover that the AVI's the wing camera creates are on par with the more expensive GoPro. Not bad for the price!
So to download the video off of that little wing camera you just plug it into your computer via the USB cable? Also what is the best way to mount it on a wing?