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Originally Posted by LJE4357 View Post
About the only way I see these drone's disappear, is we do what we can do, which is basically nothing. If the crazy's start using these things for killing innocent people, there is no way to stop it. But if all the electronics that make them work get stop, in production, they go away. How that's going to happen is easy. What happens here will also happen in China, where all this stuff is made. When they get used over there, guarantee the Chinese government will stop all production of drone material. It's already happen in some respect. Do you see a lot of composite planes anymore. Only a few left and there expensive. The reason, the Chinese government started fining company's dumping the solvents to clean up with on the ground. If the drone material isn't made anymore, there basically no drone's in large numbers and inexpensive.

IMO we don't need to go down the road of banning anything, The FAA needs to go after anyone that interfears with full scale avaition Calif is proposeing a law to allow LE to shoot down RC craft that interfere with full scale.